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Greenhouses, Greenhouses for corporate or private clients in the UK Sussex including London, Brighton and all the other surrounding areas.

The basic designs of glasshouses are clear span, three quarter span and lean to. The free standing clear span design gives the greatest depth relative to overall height, whilst the other options may be more appropriate in walled gardens or where existing buildings may be used to support the structure. Foster and Pearson glasshouses are built to any length, examples of over 150 feet not being uncommon.

In addition to glasshouses the range includes the following products:

  • STAGING - Available in a number of heights and depths, these are built to exacting standards using cast iron legs and bearers throughout. These ornate castings are unique. The staging can either be built into the brick walling during construction giving the greatest rigidity, or fitted later using iron castings to attach the bearers to the cills. Alternatively, because the iron castings give such rigidity the staging can also be free standing allowing islands to be procuced.

  • COLD-FRAMES - These are either manufactured in a lean-to design enabling the cold-frame to be fitted against a garden wall or the front of a glasshouse, or as a free standing clear span frame. As with the glasshouses they are built to any required length. The maximum for the clear-span design is generally 60 feet, this being limited by the lifting ridge design. The hinged sashes are held open by a rack system which, apart from giving clear access, holds the frames firm in windy conditions. There is the option of a lifting ridge ventilator.

  • CLOCHES AND OTHER ACCESSORIES - Traditional cast iron cloches, riveted and galvanised water storage tanks, fruit sedans and storage racks are all produced to compliment the glasshouses.

  • HEATING SYSTEMS - Ground, water and air source heating systems are available to bring the Victorian glasshouse up to modern standards.

  • RESTORATION SERVICE - In instances where glasshouses have suffered from neglect, been destroyed by fire, need altering or require reerecting on a new site, it is generally the case that although the castings are in perfect order the timber work needs restoring or replacing. In these instances we can offer a full restoration service to bring the structure back to as new condition.

  • SPARES AND REPAIRS - A complimentary services is available where replacement timber or iron parts are required, these being interchangeable between the current range of glasshouses. This is because the unique and proven Victorian designs are still being used.

  • DESIGN - We offer a complimentary design service, where working drawings are made to assist with planning applications, garden design etc.




  • GARDEN FURNITURE - benches, tables, fruit storage systems


  • GATES - timber and iron


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The basic designs of glasshouses are clear span, three quarter span and lean to. The free standing clear span design gives the greatest depth relative to overall height, more ...

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Foster and Pearson Ltd is the only company still faithfully producing glasshouses to the original Victorian design and specification. more ...